General info / let's talk!

This is great! We love to talk. Let's figure out how we're going to end human trafficking together, or we can talk about whatever is on your mind!

Interview request

We are always happy to speak to the media about human trafficking, human trafficking awareness education, interactive education, online education, or virtual reality.

Tell me about the Appleseed Program

Radical Empathy offers a free 30 day demonstration headset to qualified groups and individuals. You receive everything you need to try the VR yourself with no strings attached. Let us tell you about its benefits and see if it might be right for your group! Learn more about it right now at

I got my Appleseed box! Let's get started!

Once you have received your box (including the VR headset with the software installed), we want to set you up for success! It'll take about 15 minutes to show you how to use the headset and software completely by yourself. After the meeting, you'll get online instructions to keep as a reminder. We'll set the meeting for an hour. I can stay on the meeting while you give it a try, but if you prefer, I'll just stay available so you can ring me back when you've finished the app.

It's time to install TRAPPED on my Virtual Reality headsets!

(Licensees only) You've gotten your license, and now it's time to get the software installed on your headsets. NO PROBLEM. We will walk you through how it's done, so you can add as many headsets to your training as you like. After the meeting, you will receive instructions to keep as a reminder. And you can always call 512.521.8874, if you need any help at all!

Let's talk a lot!

Whatever is on your mind, let's discuss it. We're so glad you are here and are reaching out! Our favorite word is "yes," so let's talk about HOW we are going to work together! We love working with other organizations in a variety of creative ways. Let's talk. A lot!